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  1. Why can't i connect to my site, i have pinged it no response, i did a tracerout and it ends at yet i am able to access my site when i use my secondary domain not my primary domain what is going on :((.

    I read there will be a 10 minute outage not a 1 hour plus outage.
  2. Site offline for more than 3 hours

    my site has been offline for more than 3 hours. There is no live chat support.

    Except that, everything else is ok.
  3. Is there a setting somewhere, that I can be emailed when an outage is planned... or notified in a way other than daily checking the outage thread?

    Also, says
    approximately 10 minutes between 9pm and 2am pst.
    It would appear I haven't gotten any traffic on the site since 11pm and its still not active at 1:30am... any chance on updating status if something takes longer than planned.

    Also, looks like your server clock is ~20 minutes behind.
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  4. Yeh i agree, going to the outage thread every day is just pathetic.

    Next time there is an outage i wish they would manage it correctly and put the right time up because they surely stuffed it up this time :|
  5. Same here :(
  6. @ 2:11am PST (2:11-19minutes Winhost standard time) sites are still down.

    Hopefully they'll be up by the time I wake up... so I can respond to the "facebook app doesn't work and the sky is falling" emails... sigh
  7. yeh this is getting really annoying :|
  8. 5 hours unavailable ... :mad:
  9. Stupid error message


    Whenever I type my ftp address, I see a message which says:

    Windows cannot access this folder....

    A connection with the server could not be established.

    Please advise me fast! :mad:

  10. The server is down and has been for a while :(
  11. pathetic :(
  12. Badest bad:mad:
  13. We are down as well. I only noticed it at about 5 AM eastern time this morning. Not sure how long it has been down.

    We've never needed support from Winhost before - but now that we do I see there is no way to get it other than to submit a support ticket. No response so far...

    We are out of business until this is resolved...

    Where is Winhost? If they are on the west coast they are still in bed and probably have no idea there's a train wreck waiting for them at the office.
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  14. Looks like they are on the west coast, and still fast asleep. Good lord. :(
  15. And I was just starting to get excited about the traffic coming to my site... disappointing :/
  16. 8 hours unavailable ... :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    Still no any reply from customer support !
    Very Professional !!!
  17. We're down as well.
  18. this is just completely pathetic, no other way to put it. never had a problem like this with other hosts :/
  19. Does anyone have a phone number for them?

    Nearly 9 hours down is pretty unacceptable...
    It really shouldn't take so long to investigate an unresponsive Ip, was someone not on call til 7am?
    I just hope we didn't have this much downtime because of an unplugged cable or someone accidentally setting a dynamic (or wrong) ip.
    What was being updated anyway? How often does something like this happen, or has it before? And more importantly, what will prevent this from happening again?
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    Funny that this pops us just after 8 AM california time. My guess is the train went off the tracks last night as/after folks went home for the night and they have no means to get a alert when problems occur. So we all lost who knows how much scratch so someone could get their beauty sleep.
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  23. has 10 minutes passed ? :) In my Country, time moves much faster :)))
  24. There is an issue with IIS7 (that Microsoft has not bothered to fix yet) that sometimes causes the server to lose the IP bindings after a reboot. We're aware of the issue and always check the servers when they have to be rebooted, as they were last night.

    Why one of the IPs on w01 was missed, I can't tell you (it was only one of the shared IPs - each server has several groups of IPs and the sites are divided among them). I'm trying to find out. But what it's going to end up being is an oversight on someone's part. You can't plan for that or create a policy for it, because it's a mistake. Human error.

    You have every right to be pissed off about it, I am, and I know I would be much more so if it were my site(s) that were unavailable. But I can't tell you that we can eliminate human error with a rule or a device or some kind of legislation or penalty. That would be a lie.

    I know that we will be more vigilant about this issue. I thought we were being vigilant about it, but obviously not vigilant enough. There's nothing I can say to you guys except we're sorry that we screwed up this time.
  25. i think you fixed issue. My site is working and I can ping it.

    Tomorrow I am starting with advertising campaign, i really hope problem will not occur again.

    I am happy you fixed it. :rolleyes:
  26. I really appreciate your reply.
    Has this (or similar) issues occurred in the past, I've only been here for a month and have had a great experience until this point.

    If this issue were to occur again, how should we go about notifying you? The only phone number I could find was a sales number, and seemed that forums/tickets weren't checked (or at least responded to) until working hours.

    Just curious, but do you have a process to monitor IP responsiveness, or lack thereof? Even if not a periodic check, a check to do after servers restart? It would seem that if there is a known bug with IIS7 dropping bindings after a restart, there could be a script in place which check's IP's after a restart to make sure they are alive, and email someone who can fix them immediately if they are not?

    Again, thanks for the response.
  27. I've followed up on this and it turns out that the admin who did the update did check the IPs after the reboot. But the IP corruption happened some time shortly after he checked.

    Normally we would have picked up the problem but a lot of different things conspired against us last night, and all those things happening together caused the long delay in getting the server back up.

    Normally there are people on the support queue and the forum all the time, but last night we had a gap in coverage that allowed the problem to go unnoticed. We run server monitors and have a lot of checks in place that will alert the admins of a problem (even if they are trying to get their beauty sleep), but this IP corruption is not something that we monitor. I don't know if it can be automatically monitored, but we'll check into it.

    As for notification, helpdesk and this forum are your best bet. We don't have phone support, and those messages you guys left last night aren't heard until the next business day, because it's not a support line.

    I get those messages, and I have listened to all of them, and I appreciate your inventive and colorful uses of the language. Again, I don't blame you for being upset. But this is not a typical occurrence.
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  28. dpcolgan

    dpcolgan .net Programmer

    Is the site down again??

    I am having no success uploading changes to my site... have been doing it for months. Today it fails. Is the site down again!
  29. FredC

    FredC Winhost Staff

    not aware of any outage since we fixed the problem. if you still see problem, open a support ticket.

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