Sent mail goes to 'Junk' folder (ASP.NET)

Discussion in 'Email' started by garlic2, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. When I send an email to myself through code (ASP.NET's SendMail), the message goes to my junk folder ( webmail).

    Any ideas how I can prevent emails from ASP.NET going into the 'Junk' folder?
  2. I found out why sent emails were going to 's 'Junk' folder, incase anyone else is having the same problem.

    I was sending an html-based activation link to new users, so they could activate their new account.
    The problem was, didn't like the html link in the email message.

    I set the message's IsBodyHtml boolean property to False
    In the email's message, I just put the link as regular text (instead of an html link), and then the sent mail no longer went to 'Junk'.

    The link still appears as a clickable link in seems smart enough to make regular text that starts with http:// and www. as links, by itself, even without html being present.
    Hopefully it'll still show up as a clickable link in other email clients / webmail providers.
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  3. Thanks for the follow up!

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