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  1. This is a problem I've never seen before, and I'm hoping it's just something stupid I'm doing that's causing the problem.

    I have Outlook configured (correctly) on several computers to connect to my Winhost email. One at work, a couple on home computers, mobile laptop, etc.

    Anyway, when I send an email, it gets sent successfully, and shows up in the "Sent Items" folder. But only on the computer that I send it from. If I open Outlook from another computer, and check 'sent items' the email isn't in there. If I log onto the SmarterMail Enterprise 9.4, and check it there, it's not in that 'sent items' either.

    Which is really annoying if I want to re-read an email I sent, but I'm on a different computer.

    Is there some setting I've forgotten to set? I've check through settings on SmarterMail and Outlook, but I'm not seeing anything that'll fix this issue.

    What's going on?
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    The Sent Items folder will only contains items that were sent from that computer only.

    I believe you might be using a POP3 connection for all of your devices and computers... Correct?

    IMAP should take care of that issue. If you set up your email clients with an IMAP connection the sent items should be placed on the email server. Thus relaying the sent items to all devices with an IMAP connection to the email server. I could be wrong about this since it's been a while since I last tested this. Give an IMAP connection a try to see if that resolves your issue.

    Just in case you're wondering what IMAP is. It's basically a Window that looks onto the email server's folders for the email user you're using. Kind of like looking into a Window of a house. The email messages are always on the email server and all of your devices will be able to look into the same folder at the same time.

    If you wondering what is POP3. It's like the post office delivering your physical mail messages to your house. So in this case think of it as the email server delivering the email messages to your devices but with no window to look into the email server.

    This is why I think you're having an issue.
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