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  1. Hello,

    For one of my sites hosted in Winhost I need to send monthly newsletters using an email account also provided by Winhost.

    The messages are sent one by one every X seconds in an async proccess and I've already tested it for small groups (around 50 people) and it works ok.

    But now I've to sent a newsletter for more than 10,000 people. So my concern is that I reach the limit of emails i can sent and that my emails account could be banned or something like that.

    What is the best option for this kind of mass email?
    What are your limits for sending emails? by hour? by day?
    Set the X seconds big enough? 5-10 secs?

    As you can suppose, I'm not sending SPAM. Every people is receiving email are registered users of one of my sites. I can give you more details if required.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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  2. You can't send 10,000 emails. That's mass emailing and it's against our policy. You'll need to use a third party mailing service for that.

    Mass Email: The sending of more than 1000 emails per hour or 5000 emails per day.

    If you drop 10,000 messages into the queue, I can pretty much guarantee that your mail service will be suspended. They take that stuff pretty seriously, and there are automated flags in place.
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  3. Ok, thanks for your reply.

    I just want to be sure before proceed.

    Just for the good understanding I'd like to tell you a little more of the site's activity.

    The site is a place where the people can register for running events (Half Marathons, 10k road races or so). the users fill the registration form - pay - receive the confirmation email - run - check the results.

    Usually these events have around 500-1000 runners. But there is a "big one" on April with more than 11,000 runners registered up now.

    The days before the event, we should send an email with the number assigned to each runner and some information about the race.

    As you can see, the message is not really a newsletter but it is not SPAM. The runners are expecting the email.

    We also are sending an SMS through our broker but the Organization of this particular event wants to send the email.

    I set the title of the post as "Sending newsletter" because it was something more clear.

    Just to be clear, your service is superb. I'm hosting 4 webs and more to come. In this case in particular, 15k-20k visits per month and not a single complaint.

  4. Ray


    If the emails can be broken up within a week then our email system will be able to support it. But to send 10,000 emails in one day can put a large load on our email system. Please understand that this is a shared hosting environment so other email accounts will be affected if a large portion of the servers resources are consumed. Plua to send email this large of a quantity can have a very high possibility of getting our email servers black listed. Which means all the email account (not just yours) will get impacted. Sorry, if this was a dedicated email server that is solely offered to you alone then it would not be a problem. But in a shared hosting environment we simply will not be able to support it.
  5. Ray, I completely understand your point and the limitations of a shared hosting enviroment.

    We just start looking for a reliable dedicated email server.

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