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  1. I know this must have been asked numerous times. I have asked this myself already many months ago. As I just received an email about the pending email server upgrade, I was wondering whether we can expect secure POP/IMAP/SMTP connections in a reasonable future?

    Support keeps repeating that supporting secure connections on an email server in a shared hosting environment is almost impossible. I am no expert but this does sound strange in comparison to some cheap Linux hosts which offer this as a standard feature.

    I hate to have two separate services (email and web hosting) by two different companies. I'd love if you guys at Winhost could make the magic happen. I'd be willing to pay more for this extra service. I believe this is the only serious drawback in your entire hosting offering.

    Now, don't get me wrong. I am super satisfied with both the service as well as support. It is just that secure email is sorely missed and the upgrade notification enticed me to write this.

    I hate transmitting passwords in plain text so I'd appreciate any advice for an affordable email hosting suggestions. Thanks!
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    Secured email can really be misleading because the email itself is not secure just the connection to the POP and SMTP server when you connect to it. Meaning that the email login is encrypted. On a Windows platform and where it is a shared hosting environment meaning we host more then one email domain name can be a little more difficult to setup. But if you are concerned with POP/SMTP security, you can use the webmail and call on your account using "https://" which will encrypt the email login and password. But as for 3rd party email clients such as Outlook, I'm afraid that is not feasible on our end.
  3. I don't think anyone said that. What we probably said - at least what I have said in the past - is there is very little demand for it. I'm afraid that's still true.
  4. Here is the latest post I read yesterday mentioning this:

    As for demand, does it make sense to set up a thread for voting? I get the feeling that if demand was sufficient you'd end up implementing this. I am sure people would even pay more for this extra service.

    The problem with voting is that very few of your customers follow this forum so it wouldn't get much response.
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  5. Actually, customer forum use is quite high. Which is as we intended, as we send people here for answers to questions that cannot be dealt with in a helpdesk ticket (configuration, etc.).

    But we don't generally use the forum to gauge interest in a product or service. The sales and marketing team track those things because they get the bulk of the inquiries. But every request is noted, as yours is here.

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