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  1. Heya everyone,

    First I'd like to say that we got our site transferred to Winhost and I'm impressed with it's speed so far. Thanks a lot for answering the questions I had so far.

    Here's the situation:
    Now that Winhost is our main host, I switched us over to using Google apps on our domain.

    But, we have a large Lanier printer/copier/scanner/fax/binder/stapler/etc... on our network which has email capabilities. Many people here in the office use it to scan a document straight to an email address. But, it does not support SSL encryption which gmail requires.

    I tried switching our CNAME record which points to google to "email.<ourdomain>" so that I could use the Winhost SMTP server at "mail.<ourdomain>" with an email account I made specifically for the scanner. But, that isn't working.

    So, here are a few questions:
    I'm not so sure what each of these DNS entries is actually doing. Could it be the MX records that I added which are still messing it up? Apparently, these control mail flow both incoming and outgoing. Right?

    Is there a secondary SMTP server at Winhost that does not require an encrypted connection which I could use with the scans@<ourdomain>.com account? Or, could I maybe use a direct IP instead of the "mail.<ourdomain>.com" domain?

    If this isn't an option, does anyone have any other ideas on how I can set it up while still sending from our domain? I'd really like to keep it coming from our domain rather than setting up some free email account just for the scanner.

    We only send scanned docs via email maybe 3 or 4 times a week.

    Thanks a lot, guys!
  2. Ray


    CNAME does not handle how email is routed. It will be the MX record that does that. None of our email server requires TSL or SSL connection.

    The best thing to do is decide on what you are going to use for your email server. Either use Winhost or use Gmail. I do not suggest you use both because it can be very confusing and it can give you a negative impact on how you receive email.
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  3. regarding CNAME records: Yeah, I guess I'd already figured that out. But, I wasn't sure.

    I'd really like to use Google apps, so I guess I'll just make a free email account somewhere else just for the scanner.

    Thank you.
  4. Actually, we have a different domain on another Winhost account. I'll use the mail servers from that account.

    I did have that account on gmail as well, so I deleted its MX record. I did not make a note of what the MX record was originally. Would it be possible for an admin to tell me what our original MX record was on

    Thank you!
  5. Ray


    Actually log into your control panel and go to the Site Info Manager. Navigate to the button Email which will take you to the Email Manager of the control panel. Disable and then Enable the email. This should automatically recreate your MX record.
  6. Thank you!

    Hey, thanks a lot.

    The copier is now able to send emails.

    Have a great day!

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