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  1. Hi,
    How do I specify an application starting point for my second domain name.
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    An application starting point is not set on a domain pointer but a subfolder under your root. To set a subfolder as an application starting point log into your hosting control panel and click on the Site 'Manage' link to get to the Site Info Manager. Click on the button labeled 'Application Starting Point' and type the name of the folder you would like to set as an application folder. If the folder is within a subfolder the full path will have to be typed out. You should also refer to these kb articles to get more information on our Application Starting Point feature.
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  3. Domains

    My default domain is this application starts with the default page i.e index.aspx in the root directory.
    My second domain is where does this application start?
  4. The second domain on your account is a pointer domain - it points to the root of the main account ( If you want to redirect it to another directory you have to do that programatically. Once you do that you can set that directory as an application starting point.

    If you want the second domain to be independent you have to order a new site for it.

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