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Discussion in 'Pre-sales questions' started by Xinbi, May 25, 2010.

  1. I want to move my 4 domains off my current hosting provider to How do I move them?
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  2. Yow, that's a big question. Are you asking how you set up the account here to accommodate the domains, or how you actually move the sites?
  3. I've actually, probably got it figured out... My hosting provider doesn't have my domain registration (smart move to have them separate if you ever want to move hosting providers) SO....

    1) I've updated my DNS servers with my registrar ( to point to
    2) in the Control Panel/Sites/Manage/Domain Pointer I added the four domains to be hosted (with mail pointing)
    3) Wait for the other DNS servers to update themselves... (up to 24 hours... sigh)

    Anything else I'm missing?
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  4. Ray


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  5. Found that... I was kind of disappointed that I can't have [email protected] and [email protected] be different email addresses since they both point back to my root xinbi email account. Also kind of disappointed that emails sent to me don't come through very fast...
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    Understandable, but we really have to play a fine balancing act with cost and pricing. Obviously if we allow domain pointers to be there own POP accounts they'll consume mail server disk space which can drive up the operational cost. We really want people to find an affordable price plan and get the most stable and secured server with top quality support.
  7. True. I'm paying $6 less per month, have better bandwidth, easier administration with more control and faster response time. And (thus far) a more responsive staff. I switched over because my previous provider switched their back end admin platforms and basically took down my site on Friday (support ticket is still open...). They can kiss my a**
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  9. Ah! ok... Maybe I don't need my email that fast then. :)

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