SaaS is up and running. A Winhost success story!

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    The main page is mostly a LeadPages template but the SaaS and SQL Database, all hosted on Winhost, is a mature and stable subscription service that is providing great value to a wide range of service businesses: dentists, chiropractors, dry cleaner operators, hair salons, and many more.

    We provide a simple yet efficient interface for users to send SMS/Text message alerts, reminders and promotions to their list of customers. In fact we have documented cases with our users that had previously called their customers to remind them about scheduled appointments that was taking 3 hours each day and we have reduced that effort to only 5 minutes each day! This equates to huge cost-savings to those businesses.

    Anyway -- take a look! Create a free account if you'd like to take it for a test run too!

    James Crandall -- founder

    p.s. We are looking for affiliates too help promote our SaaS!
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