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    Do you put in RDNS on plan domains?
    I have found email filters that do RDNS lookups are common and will block email if you dont have the RDNS entry.
  2. Well, you don't really "put in RDNS on domains." rDNS relies on something called PTR records, and those records are set on IP addresses. All of our mail server IPs have PTR records.
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    Right but do customers get a ptr record on hosted domains? I manage dedicated servers and I have to request a RDNS record to be entered into the ISP's dns, so companies such as AOL mail dont mark my mail as spam cause of RDNS checks.
  4. No. It's uneccessary, since rDNS doesn't care about your domain, it cares about the IP address of the server sending the mail.

    For your dedicated server, what they are likely adding to their DNS is a PTR record for the server's IP address, since your mail comes from the server.

    For domains hosted here, your mail will go through our mail gateways (or your ISPs mail server, depending on how you set up SMTP), which have PTR records.

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