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  1. Is Winhost intending on offering a resale option in their future? I seem to be suggesting a lot of people use you guys lately and it'd be suh-weeeet to get some kickbacks off of it..

    I know you guys are a new company but you're pretty awesome. If you offered reselling as an option you'd probably see even more business being driven to you.
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  2. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    thanks for the feedback. we will be discussing this further.
  3. yeh thats a good idea, i'm a small web designer and if i could get a discount for reselling your service that would be real good :D.
  4. A reseller plan per se is unlikely ("reseller" meaning you buy a large amount of resources from us and resell packages of your own to your customers). But we may institute a referral or affiliate plan. Just to be clear, it is not currently in the works but it is under consideration for the future.
  5. I'd basically love you guys [more] if you put in some sort of affiliate program. I own a web design firm and it'd be amazing if i had a way to manage all of my clients from one control panel (if that sort of system would be in the theoretical works). Not to mention a kickback for referring business is always a plus :)
  6. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    You can manage your clients from one control panel right now. If you are setting up separate sites for the client domains, then you can order additional Basic and Max accounts from your control panel and they can all be managed in the same control panel.
  7. Not with separate credit cards, though.
  8. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    true. not with separate credit cards.
  9. An ideal solution would be some sort of dual-account control. Give them access to the billing portion of the CP and nothing else, and give the affiliate everything else, that way they're not forced into paying for something they may not want anymore, and the affiliate has control over everything that they need.

    It'd make web developer's jobs a lot easier :)
  10. I agree - a referral or affiliate program would be ideal.

    Presumably a reasonable proportion of your clients are themselves or connected to web developers.

    I normally use Linux/MySQL, but now that Silverlight is taking off and is locked into WCF for db comms (I'm used to MySQL) I anticipate recommending you for my customers. So far nothing but praise for the service.
  11. Thanks A Hill.

    We're still looking at our options as far as affiliate programs are concerned. But I think it's safe to say that we will offer one at some point. I'd be guessing if I said when that might be.

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