Registered Domain Name Needed?

Discussion in 'Pre-sales questions' started by Guest JWL, Aug 5, 2011.

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    For my purposes, I do NOT need a "registered domain name" - a simple IP address would be just fine. Perhaps I am just naive to think so... Am I???

    Basically I want to use the web site to "show and tell" ideas on how various web pages should look and work - NOT the "finished product" that a client would use, but just a "sandbox site" where my business partners and I can demonstrate web page ideas.

    IF I can put up a site on your platform WITHOUT getting / using a "registered domain name", that would be great. IF SO, would you assign an IP address that I could then use in the URL text box on my browser to see the site?

    Regards, JWL
  2. You can open an account without a domain name. You can't, however, view a site by IP (IPs are shared by hundreds of sites on a shared server), but you can view it using an alternate URL that we provide.
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    What might the 'Alternate URL' look like?

    Just to make sure I know what I'm getting into... what might such an 'alternate URL' look like? ... i.e. an example of what I might have to use for the URL.
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    Alternate URLs - format/syntax

    Assuming I get a "Max" account (as I need SQL Server and ASP.NET capabilities), WITHOUT a "registered domain name", I understand that "you" (i.e. Winhost) will provide me with an "alternate URL" to use to access the site.

    I'm 99% sure I get the idea BUT a simple example of what the "alternate URL" might look like would nail it and thereby avoiding making a bad decision to commit to an account with "Winhost". I can guess that the "alternate URL" might be something like "" BUT I'm only guessing.
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  5. It's in this format:
    Where domainxy is the first 8 characters of the domain entered when creating the site.

    That format is not ideal for a developer to use, since it includes our domain. A better solution might be to register a domain name that reflects your company/product and demo new sites from subdirectories or subdomains:
    Every plan would provide those, not just Max or Ultimate.
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