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  1. I am facing one problem for my site
    The problem is related to session. On my local machine, if I put session timeout value to 15 mins then my session remains active till 15 mins and gets deactivated on 16th min. And these settings I have incorporated in my web.config file. Now the same web.config am uploading on the server that is Winhost. But my session gets expired very soon in around 2 to 3 mins only and it do not last for 15 mins. Why I do not know? Please help me out ASAP.
    Also most of the times when I am doing some things on the pages, I get logged out automatically. I think this is also related to session.
    I do not know what's happening?
    Please Help ASAP...
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  2. Ray


    Run your application on your test server. Check if any of these conditions are are met by your application.

    1) More than 20 minutes of idle time (no http request in 20 minutes)
    2) The application uses more than 100 MB memory
    3) The application uses more than 75% of CPU time

    If they are you will need to optimize your code so that it does not hit any of these conditions.
  3. I have tested my application using the tool Process Explore.My application is well inside 100MB, around 20 MB...But the also When I am doing something on my web pages then within around 5 to 10 mins the logged in user gets logged out automatically....We have used aspnet membership's LoginConrol and in this userstatus becomes null automatically on the server..Why I do not know? I have also attached screen shot of Winhost usage meter in which it states that your current usage is 24MB/1000MB...But then also my current userstatus becomes null automatically..Please help ASAP Thanks
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  4. Ray


    Try using task manager when you run your application on your test server and see what memory usage the application pool is using. Also if your Winhost account is running multiple web applications, you will need to download it and run it under the same application pool. In most often the case, users typically only test 1 web application when there Winhost site account is running multiple web applications. This is misleading because on our web server you run off 1 application pool for each site account and the total consumption is what triggers the recycle.
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  5. But Why the usage meter of my site says available memory as 1000MB....And I have tested the application is well within 100 MB....The issue is related to server I suppose.
    Please look into that in detail.... and why the users gets logged out immediately Thanks..

    Also I am browsing the pages which do not have any kind of code in them. I have 4 pages without code...And then also the logged in user gets logged out automatically...If the pages that are browsed do not have any kind of code in them then how the memory gets increased and the current user gets logged out automatically?...Please reply Thanks
  6. Ray


    The usage meter in the control panel is not to monitor the servers memory. It is to monitor your bandwidth consumption and your hard disk space consumption. Give me the exact URL and detailed instructions on how I can replicate the problem on my end. If possible can you also send me a test account to use.

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