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  1. Hi

    I just setup a dotnetnuke portal in my new account. It works very good.
    I took this guide for doing that:

    put there stays that I should upload the dnn into a subdirectory. why? are there any security risks or something when I install it in the root directory?

    My Problem:
    Now my Portal is reachable under and not under Are there any settings where I change this.
    Is there any solution to to that without any javascript forwarding ore something like that?

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    No there are no security risk. We recommend that you upload your DNN application to a subdirectory so it does not cause any potential conflicts with your other applications. Most of our customers have more then one .Net application running on their account. If DNN is the only .Net application you will be installing then uploading it to your root will work just fine.
    What is the exact error message you are getting when you simple type Did you make sure you have a start up page in your root? Some kind of file named default.asp, or index.asp?
  3. Hi I'm having the exact same issue with my DNN site, I followed the directions to place it in a sub directory and everything works fine if I navigate to the sub directory. I want the to point to that subdirectory. I've updated the alias in DNN but that did not work. When I got to the I got a Winhost page saying that the site is hosted at Winhost.
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  4. I'll have to recommend that you first change the portal alias in DNN to be "" and then transfer all the files from the subdirectory to the root of the account. If you're still getting the Winhost page, you should remove the default index.asp or default.asp file which is placed in the account for testing purposes.
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  6. Hi Vinnie,
    Thanks for the reply, but I did update the DNN info with the correct alias. Are you guys saying there's no way to point a domain to anything BUT the root or use an HTTP redirect? I if have multiple domains and I want each domain to be their own unique applications, shouldn't each domain be pointing to a different subdirectory? Also I've user other hosts (Webhost4life, Intermedia) where I was able to temporarily switch a domain from a "live" folder to a "temp" or construction folder. If it can't be done that'll be fine but I just need to know so I can plan accordingly. Thx.
  7. I'm afraid that each hosting account is sharing the same root so you can't specify a different root for each domain.

    If you wanted each domain to have it's own root, you'd have to add each domain as it's own individual site (means a new plan for each site).

    You can also try checking out the IIS Rewrite module which helps you redirect URLs while changing the address and removing the folder path for example.
  8. Ok that makes sense. I'll move my DNN install to the root (I only need it just for that anyway) and that should take care of it. Thx again
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