Recycle App Pool doesn't seem to be working correctly

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  1. I've already submitted a ticket about this on Saturday, but it seems that your settings to automatically recycle the app pool at 75% CPU usage aren't working. My site has been returning a 503 error since early Saturday morning (when I submitted a ticket), and the recycle app pool widget in the Control Panel just returns a 500 error.

    I understand that the problem is the CPU usage, but shouldn't it automatically reset itself? Especially on the weekend when no one seems to be alive at Winhost? I apologize, but I'm extremely upset after a weekend of downtime where I needed to be working on my site (being stuck at home due to a snowstorm makes for a good time to do site work) and couldn't do anything because it was "locked up".

    Please, let me know if there's something I can do in the future to make sure this doesn't happen again. Thanks!
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  2. Ray


    Actually it's not the system that is recycling your application pool that is causing the 503 HTTP Unavailable error message, this is only the symptom. It is actually your application not letting go of the process when the system tries to recycle. That is when it gets hung.

    I can only suggest that you ask the Winhost support to give you dates and times that your application was recycled by the system due to CPU usage. Use that date and time to bounce off your SmarterStats record. From there you should be able to narrow down what assembly or component that was being called on. You should be able to optimize the assembly or component so that if either uses less of the servers CPU so that it does not get recycled, or if it does get recycled to release the process so that it will recycle normally instead of getting hung up.
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