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    I have developed a windows form application in my laptop . It connects to SQL server which is installed in my system . I need to give a demo to my client .My client does not have sql server installed in his system . He does not know how to Install it even .

    I would like to know whether it is possible to place my database into your server , So that I could simply replace the connection string of my code with the connection string related to your server . If this is possible there is no need for my client to install SQL server I hope .

    Since this is not a website I am concerned about this possibility .

    If it is possible please kindly send me the steps clearly like how to write the connection string and all details , so that I will register immediately .
  2. Kishore

    Kishore Guest


    Mr ray Please consider this as very urgent and give me reply as I have a demo on this wednesday
  3. Ray


    Yes you can can place your database on our SQL Server, provided you have a hosting account with us. You have several options to do this. The easiest and simplest way is to use the Restore/Backup function in our hosting control panel. To restore your database to our SQL server try using this kb article.

    If you are on our Max plan you should be able to create multiple database instances. That's of course if you have enough SQL space available. By default Max plan has a total sum of 500 MB of SQL space assigned to an account. I suggested using a separate database instance because the Restore feature will override any existing objects and data that is on the database. If you already have tables, objects, or data on the database you will perform the restore function on, it will be overriden with the database you are restoring with. If this is not a problem then using one database should not be an issue.
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