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    I had been seriously considering hosting my account here until I noticed Ray's avatar. What exactly is it? At first I thought it was a viking streaking through space with a sword, but now I'm not quite so sure.

    My wife and I have been arguing over the matter. I personally believe it's Iron Man's great grandfather (hence the blue glowing battery in the middle of his chest). My wife on the other hand, believes it was a self portrait drawn by Gimli himself. Drawn to portray himself as a taller and more handsome man.

    To be honest, it is causing great contention in our relationship and my ability to choose a reliable asp.net host!

    I can not continue seriously evaluating Winhost as a viable solution until this matter has been cleared up.
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  2. no offense but i think you're pathetic and sad... just an opinion
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    The image is Thor, the god of thunder within the Viking Norse myth.

    This was turned into a Marvel comic super hero, and he is fighting the Incredible Hulk. No reference to any myth legends. The Hulk is a pure creation of Marvel Comics.

    I suggest you read some of the Marvel comics pertaining to Thor. He is really fun to read.
  4. I applaud the thoroughness of your evaluation, and wish more people were as conscientious and bold. Naturally your wife is arguing with you about this. She doesn't recognize your innate genius the way we do. Maybe it's time to lay down some rules in your apartment. Let her - and the cats - know who's boss. You know what I mean.
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