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    I am interested in hosting with Winhost, but I do have one question. I have tried the search function on this forum, as well as looked through the Terms of Service, and could not find a definitive answer to this.

    I have a web application in ASP.NET MVC4 that needs to run a background thread roughly every 15 minutes or so (which gets initialized when the user clicks on the home page of the site, depending on the last time the thread was finished running). This particular thread does not take a lot of CPU resources, but it does need to run this often, and can take a bit of time to run sometimes.

    What this thread does is that it requests HTML from various forum pages on a site, and mines certain kinds of data from the HTML, then saves it to my database.

    Is this allowed on Winhost? I've noticed a lot of shared Windows hosts out there disallow this practice, and right now, I think for this particular project of mine, a VPS would be an overkill. Its basically just a tracker, nothing more fancy than that!

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    Hello again,

    You can ignore this question. I have made a different plan, and it seems I am still not quite understanding how ASP.NET pools work!

    Thank you anyway. :)

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