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Discussion in 'DNS/Domain names' started by wtsampler, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. I have an existing Winhost account and I initially setup the account with an existing domain. However, the domain has not been modified to point to Winhost yet. (I was using the temp url for testing). Now, the client backed out on the development.

    I have selected to close the site. My question is, not that I have selected to have the site closed, does that close my account?

    I don't want the account closed, because I will add a new domain at a later

    Let me know how, if in any way, changes my Winhost account status.

  2. Ray


    The account itself where you can access the Winhost control panel will not be closed. But features to email accounts, and Site Manager will not be available to you until you register for a site account.
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  3. So, I'm assuming I just keep paying my monthly fee and when I get a new domain name to transfer, I would just add it in the control panel, correct?
  4. Ray


    Actually if you close all your Site Account and only leave your Winhost control panel you will not be charged any monthly fee.
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  5. Just to expand on what Ray said, you maintain access to Control Panel even if all sites are closed, so you can keep the account open without keeping a site open.

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