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  1. Hello, A few days ago I uploaded Joomla 3.1.1 site into a test folder off of an existing and functioning site of my clients. Everything was going nicely until I tried to change the code editor, I wasn't permitted to do that. I checked my permissions and my Log Directory is unwritable.
    Since then I've been trying to resolve this. I went to my FTP client and tried to change the permission there, no luck, I asked Winhost to change the permissions but I was told to alter my Trust level in the web.config.file. First off, I was told that Joomla likes a Unix server and Winhost is a Windows server. Is there a way I can fix the permission issue without this "altering of trust level" cause the KB article doesn't specify whether just to add the code they provided to what is already there or completely replace it with what is there. I really need to get this sorted and working productively, I can't believe it has taken two days to get anywhere with this.....I can't believe support cannot just change the permission for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Did you recently web deploy to your hosting account? If so it a good possibility that you misconfigured your ACL permissions.

    Contact our support department and ask them to reset your ACL permissions if you did used web deploy and read one of the following articles to help you prevent this from happening again:

    By default the web site visitor should already have read and write access to all your folders and files in your website root. Web deploy will misconfigure these settings and in this case we can reset them.

    Do you get any error messages? If you do can you provide us with a screen shot or what the error message says?
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