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  1. 1) You are using SmarterMail as your SMTP Relay Server for outgoing email. What is the limit on your Relay Server? Do you have a maximum number of outgoing emails per hour? You have a maximum number of outgoing emails per day?

    Our website is event-based and it send notification emails to our clients to notify them when an event has happen. We can't have limitations.

    2) How many dedicated IP addresses does the Winhost Ultimate plan have?

    3) Each minute, a Windows service executes an executable that surveys our database and send notifications emails to our clients. Do you allow us to use a Windows service?

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    1. We allow 1000 emails per hour and 5000 per day.
    2. The only time we provide a dedicated IP is with SSL service on the Max and Ultimate plan. If SSL service is not used, we do not provide a dedicated IP. If SSL service is closed, we will reclaim the dedicated IP.
    3. We do not support windows services.
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    well ... shared useful info :)

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