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Discussion in 'Pre-sales questions' started by Richard, Feb 1, 2012.

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    I'm about to buy the Ultimate plan and I have some question (sorry, i'm french canadian so my english can be bad)

    1) I have 3 domain name reserved, and, can I have all that hosted with the ultimate plan with no fees

    2) I see that you support MS Sql 2008, can I connect to it with my SQL Management Studio installed locally on my PC ?

    3) Do you support Stored Proc on SQL Server 2008

    4) Can you give more information about the max CPU someone/website can use at a certain time. what happen if the max is reach for a XY reason.

    5) for the backup and restore, is the .bak are stored on the serveur and count for the Website disk space ?

    6) is there cost if bandwith limit is reach or website space (just curious cause I really dont think it's gonna be an issue with my project)

    7) By experience, is the ultimate plan is good for a sport league management system website with 4 hockey league. Theres about 100 visit a day and the actual size for the database in SQL 2000 is 250mb (been running since 6 years)

    Looking at the forum, I think you guys do a great job answering questions.

    I hope we can do business soon


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