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  1. my Winhost-hosted website is a geolocation app. that help you talk with your neighbors. on a worldwide bulletin board:
    check this out...

    comments will be welcomed!
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  2. This is really cool! I love the simple design but the concept and execution is very impressive. Kudos for a job well done. What technologies are you using?

    Would you mind sharing some statistics about your site? How many visitors are you getting and which hosting plan are you using on Winhost?

    The reason I ask is I'm getting ready to spin up another site and I need to choose a plan that fits the traffic I'm expecting (HOPING) to have over the course of this next year.
  3. Nice work.
  4. Thanks all!
    The website was written in ASP.NET. Winhost is a great hosting platform that gives us freedom to do whatever we expecting from our hosting at that stage. As is still on Beta versions we picked Winhost to be our hosting platform, in a basic plan. we are considering now to upgrade to a better plan, since the enormous growing of our users and visitors per day. is a location based social network that tend to serve users all around the world, currently most of our users are from Taiwan and Israel, you are more than welcome to log in with your facebook, put a post around your area and spread the word around your location.
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