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  1. Please forgive me if this has been asked and answered...

    We have a website running elsewhere, with the (ficticious) URL www.mycompany.com.

    I've developed a web app on Winhost, accessible with the URL www.other.com/apps/theapp

    I would like very much to have my new web app accessible at "apps.mycompany.com/theapp". I set up "redirection" at the other host, but the URL in the browser changes to www.other.com/apps/theapp. I don't want this, I want it to stay "apps.mycompany.com/theapp".

    It seems that setting up an "A" record on the other host will do the trick right? But then I need an IP address which points to my site, and the IP address specified in the Winhost control panel is shared, so it seems I can't do it this way.... Any help would be very much appreciated!

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  2. Ray


    What you will need to do is first setup a domain pointer. I know that domain pointers typically are www.mycompany.com or mycompany.com. But as long as the root domain format is not the same as your primary domain name, you can input even a subdomain into the domain pointer feature. apps.mycompany.com. Of course you'll need to configure your dns servers to have the record apps.mycompany.com point to our web server, but the domain pointer is necessary so that a host header is created for this name.
  3. Not sure I get it...

    Thanks for the prompt reply! I'm not sure I understand, however... Where do I need to setup the domain pointer? Through Winhost cp? Would I add an "A record" with the subdomain "apps.mycompany.com"?

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