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  1. I simply want to be able to have my parents view videos of their new grandson. I took a mov file (that is what my cam saves it as), used Miro Video Player (also tried Handbrake) to get a mp4 version and then jwPlayer to stream it. It all works on my local machine but when I deploy it on Winhost, it fails.

    So 2 questions. What should I use to do the conversion and what video player have people successfully used on Winhost.

    btw, I did contact Winhost, one told me they throttle down vidoes, then another tech told me they don't and it is jwPlayer, etc etc.

    So I am looking for community help on this. I am looking for sw that will convert mov to mp4 and a javascript app that will stream videos.

    btw, I tried html5 video tag and have issues in that also.

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  3. I did. First person who responded to me told me that, then another tech support person said that isn't the issue.
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    Hi Ralph,

    I apologize. That was my mistake. The other support personnel is correct. Bit Rate Throttling is not enabled. Are you using HTML 5? There are issues with HTML 5 and IE9/IE10. You might want to take a look at these links:

    And you're correct. It works in Firefox just fine.

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