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  1. Microsoft fully supports MySQL and PHP on Windows Server 2008R2. Why not install it so we can use Wordpress? Silly question btw, are your Windows 2008 R2 servers 32 bit or 64 bit?
  2. Ray


    We do support PHP and it is installed on the server, but MySQL requires its own server. And because it is a different database than MS SQL 2008, it will also require its own hardware and its own technical specialty support. At this time our main focus on technical experience and resources are on Microsoft products such as MS SQL 2008.
  3. This question seems to come up quite often. But my question would be, why use Windows if you are setting up a php/MySQL site? You know, at the risk of driving away business. ;)

    Yes, Windows supports both, but neither is native to Windows, and all the development of php and MySQL has been centered around *nix servers.

    If you are doing .NET development and just want to use a php/MySQL application, that's understandable. We do discuss offering MySQL, but at this point, as Ray said, we just don't have anyone in-house who is a MySQL expert. That doesn't rule out offering MySQL at some point. Just not right now.

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