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Discussion in 'Pre-sales questions' started by Guest, Jan 21, 2012.

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    I couldn't find any phone numbers on your site. Can customers contact you by phone ? What happens if there's an emergency and they can't wait 24 hrs for service ?
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    We don't offer phone support. We offer 24/7 support through our helpdesk. You can log in at to contact us easily at any time.
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    It's a shame that you don't have some sort of live support. I've been dealing with an issue for 2 days via your email support and still don't have it resolved. This is very frustrating because I am used to dealing with another hosting service with 24/7 support though a "live chat" system and a phone support system. Issues get resolved within minutes and not days like I am dealing with now. Wasting my time is costing me money and honestly, your pricing isn't much different that the guys who offer timely support.

    I'm not placing this here as a complaint forum, I am hoping that it makes you realize that you need to improve your service to compete over the long term with folks who are giving more than a satisfactory level. I'm not posting any competitors names because I don't mean to send business to others, constructive suggestion only. Yes, you can tell people to go elsewhere if they don't like what you offer... GM did that for a while and they almost went under. Stepping up to the plate is the only way to move forward and stay on a growth curve.
  4. We would never tell you to go elsewhere, because that's just rude, and more importantly, we don't believe that anyone else is better than we are.

    If you have an issue that's ongoing for two days I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that it's got nothing to do with the servers or our service at all, but rather your application.

    As a rule, we don't help with those kinds of things, but when the support staff comes across an issue they may not have seen before or something that's simply interesting, they will often help you troubleshoot because it benefits us both (and can benefit others in the future).

    Phone and chat support are expensive and ineffective. I understand that a lot of people feel better when they are available, but in general, you do not get superior support using those channels.

    If you used a host that did application troubleshooting via chat, they must have either been very small, or very large (and outsourced their support). Feel free to mention their name here. I would be interested to see what you're comparing us to. Then I'll explain to you why we're better. ;)

    Despite your current issue taking longer than you'd like to resolve. Sorry about that.
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    Phone support

    I was considering getting more information regarding opening a large account or several small ones, but without phone support and cannot take the chance.
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    Hi Morebob,

    Take a chance at contacting our sales department at Ask all the questions you need to ask in the email message to sales. You will end up getting all your answers anyway. Instead of waiting on the phone for us to answer your questions. You will simply be waiting for an email with our reply with instructions and information that you can always refer back to.
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