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  1. Hi everybody. is the first real webstore I've created. It's inventory levels are live. It is integrated with 'Papa's' in-house inventory tracking program - which i wrote for him. He also sells these products on eBay, and he manages the listings for both sites from within the inventory tracking program and if an item sells on EITHER site, that item is removed from the other!

    This whole website and integration process has taken me quite some time to complete, and any feedback/constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated... and of course... if you're into model railroading, don't be afraid to buy a couple things while you're there! :D

    Thanks for looking,

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  2. My browser window is typically around 1300 pixels wide, but your site still forces a horizontal scroll if I want to see the whole right side. That's pretty wide. You should either narrow that down a bit, or make the column layout fluid so it adjusts to the visitor, rather than forcing the visitor to adjust to the site.

    I would also lose the vertical scroll in the right side column. Let the column flow down the page. Scrolling within the page when you're displaying products is generally not the best option (a lot of people will never see - or buy - those "hidden" products). You should only force a scroll within the page when the design doesn't allow for the full display of that element.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions Hank.

    My developement computer's monitor is an older standard ratio monitor (not a wide screen) but the client's monitors are all wide screen. So we added that right-hand column to fill the empty space on the right of the wide screens and not being too concerned about the horizontal scroll.

    But trust me, I hear what you are saying... and greatly appreciate an outside opinion.

    I'm a little unsure of how to include everything that the client and I want displayed in dynamic width containers to prevent the forced horizontal scroll.

    I will talk this stuff over with the client though, and see if we can come up with a solution!

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