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  1. Hi folks:

    I am wondering if someone might help share some info on getting a particular feature of Orchard to operate on a Winhost site.

    My new Winhost site has been running a test install of Orchard for about a week now. (Thank you support for your help!).

    I am running 1.7.2 and just enabled multi-tenant. I setup a host record tenant.mydomain.com and configured Orchard with the multi-tenant site and configured this first tenant according to the docs from Orchard.

    The host record points to the same IP as mydomain.com.

    When I open a browser, put in tenant.mydomain.com, I get:

    Web Page is Unavailable
    We are very sorry.

    The web page you are trying to reach is unavailable.

    Please contact the Website Administrator.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    It seems as if IIS is returning a generic error and Orchard is not kicking in at all.

    I was thinking may be it's a host header issue / configuration in IIS, but my remote IIS Manager doesn't have an option to look at bindings.

    Anyways, like I said, it does not look like IIS understands what to do with this DNS name. It gives the same error if I try to browse my working site by IP address instead of domain name.

    How can I manage the host headers that are allowed to be sent to the IIS site?

    Or is there some other issue?
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    "I was thinking may be it's a host header issue"

    You're exactly right. The IP number that you're most likely pointing to is the shared IP number of the web server.

    So for example, Say I have a domain name and I'm using my own DNS or the DNS on Winhost.

    I create a A record tenant.mydomain.com to point to the same IP number as my site account.

    The subdomain name will point to our IP number but the host header wasn't created on the web server.

    So what you will need to do to add the host header to the IIS server is to create the subdomain name in the control panel.

    To create the Subdomain name. Login to the control panel.

    Click on the "Sites" tab at the top.

    Click on "Manage" next to the domain name.

    Now click on "Subdomain Manager" box.

    Click on "Add" and enter in the sub domain name you want to use.

    This will create the host header on the IIS server for the site account. Then the subdomain name will resolve to your site account.
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  3. Thanks. that was it. much appreciated!
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