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  1. Hey,
    I've uploaded an Orchard CMS site through WebMatrix. The site works fine except logging in. I can log in ok, but it randomly throws me back to the login page asking for my credentials again. Sometimes it can be after a few clicks around the dashboard and sometimes it can be ok for quite a while.

    Initially I thought it might be Sql Compact related so I migrated everything to SQL server but I'm still getting the problem. I've turned the warmup stuff off. Has anyone else experienced this or knows of a fix?

  2. app pool

    I ran into the same problem. It /appears/ that Orchard like to eat memory. Under the basic plan the app pool hits 100mb quickly, which forces the app pool to recycle and will kill your authenticated session. If you configure your machine key in IIS, you can stay authenticated even after your session dies.

    I guess I could live with this, but the site is slow when I'm administering it because I'm constantly waiting for the app pool to reset. I'm either considering bumping my app pool to 200mb to see if this alleviates the problem. A guy in the post below mentioned that his quickly jumped to 250mb, which would mean that even at the upgraded price point, I may not see any

  3. You can try setting up SQL Server sessions as shown in our KB article here:

    In short, this sets up your sessions to be saved on a SQL database, so even when the application pool is recycled due to the memory limits being hit, you won't be logged out (or your users).

    By default, all apps use InProc, which saves the sessions in the IIS Worker Process, but when the memory limit is hit (and anything which causes the app pool to recycle) it'll lose all current sessions as a new process is started.

    Try it out and let us know if you continue to have problems.
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