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    Hi there, we have 3 youth hockey associations domains under our current web hosting provider. We will be switching companies and would like to know if there is additonal cost each month to have 2 additional domains using the same application.
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    No there is no additional cost but setting up multiple sites under one account is really set by you.

    What that means is you need to enable the domain pointer features in your Winhost control panel and have those domain names point to our DNS servers. Once this is done, these additional domain names will pull up the same site as your account domain name.

    To have these domain pointers pull up their own web site, you will need to code a redirect script.

    Bear in mind that each Site Account can only have one application pool so all additional sites will be under one application pool. If one site crashes it can potentially crash the other sites on the same application pool.
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    Wanted to add some additional info

    I want to make it clear that all three domains use the EXACT same site and code. I have coded it so that the 'themes' will switch out based on the URL. So again, it's REALLY just one site and ONE database and has 2 additional domain pointers to it.

    I want to make sure I won't have to change any architecture or code of my current sites.
  4. JenyphurInAZ

    JenyphurInAZ Guest

    Sorry....think our posts crossed paths

    Hi Ray..thanks for the reply. I'm pretty sure this is what my current host is doing now with domain pointers although I just basically switch out the theme based on the URL and pull out that domain info from the I think this will work perfectly!

    I will recommending your company! Thanks.

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