Oh man you upgraded to XenForo

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by ianmc, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. I love this software!

    Welldone guys!

    Bet it was a bitch to import everything from VBulletin :)
  2. It wasn't the import so much as the reconfiguring of everything. You sound like you know the software, so you must know how the permissions system works. ;)

    If you can set your forum up from scratch, the Xenforo permission system is great. But when you import...it gets a bit convoluted.

    Anyway, glad you like it!
  3. Another forum I frequent has just switched to XenForo.

    I heard that everyone bailed from VBu and started it, leaving them without programmers and VBu dived.

    I think you have made the best possible choice and it will enhance you're already fantastic service!

    Welldone chaps!
  4. A few people who worked on vBulletin did start Xenforo, but they did it a year after leaving Jelsoft/Internet Brands. vBulletin ultimately fell apart because the people who were in charge of it decided to keep piling new code on top of old, rather than re-writing the program from scratch (as the people who developed Xenforo strongly urged them to do when they still worked for them).

    What you see in Xenforo is essentially what vBulletin could have been, had the management over there took the risk (and spent the resources) to rewrite it. Instead they now have a bloated, buggy piece of crap that no one wants to use anymore. But migration is painful and a lot of forums can't even consider it for various reasons, so they are stuck with vBulletin (note that the majority of vBulletin forums still run version 3.x which is a few years old - that's how bad the 4.x and 5.x versions are).

    Oh yeah, and there is the fact that Internet Brands tried to squash Xenforo with a lawsuit, claiming their ex-employees "stole trade secrets" and used them to build Xenforo. The suit was baseless, since there was no common code at all, so it looked for all intents and purposes like Internet Brands was trying to litigate Xenforo out of existence, rather than build a better product to compete with them. The court (eventually, after more than a year) ruled in Xenforo's favor, so that was that.

    If it weren't for the lawsuit we would have migrated the forum over a long time ago. But we had to wait to make sure Xenforo would still be around.

    It was worth the wait, it's a great product, and it gets better all the time.

    More than you wanted to know, I'm sure.

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