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    I checked your offers and as far as I can see I can run exactly one "web app".

    If I have (for an example)
    There I run an ASP.NET 4.0 app.
    I also want to run a blog which (let's say) needs ASP.NET 2.x.
    And further a forum which has it's own security and needs ASP.NET 3.5.

    So the finaly result is: (ASP.NET 4.0). (ASP.NET 2.x). (ASP.NET 3.5).

    What do I have to buy to enable such a scenario?

    And if I'm right - assume that I'm a web developer and build apps for customers.
    For demo purposes I want to run them with "my account" (hosted by you).
    Of course each of these app is an "isolated thing" it has (at least) it's own logins.
    The result (assume 3 projects like this):

    What would this mean? (What plan do I have to buy?)

    Thanks in advance
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    Thank you for the fast information Ray,

    three questions are left about your email system.
    I saw you use smartermail which is great.

    Du you run the most current (7.0) version?

    Is there the ability to (no matter if for extra charge) to get smarter mail exchange active sync (push notification to mobile clients)?
    If not - is SyncML enabled in your hosting plans?
  4. Ray


    At this time we are still evaluating and testing SmarterMail 7. The current version we are running is the Enterprise version 5.5. We do not support Exchange ActiveSync on SmarterMail however we do support SyncML is enabled on our email server.
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    can you please confirm which of the above options is now available? Can i configure Microsoft outlook as well?
  6. Ray


    i'll try and test this out. I'll post in the forum on what I find.

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