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  1. hey guys - my first post.

    wondering if there's a way to set a default "landing" page for your domain? I ask this b/c i've installed nopCommerce, and it asks to be put in a directory and not in the root. I understand why, just wondering what the best way to redirect to the nopcom dir as the default when they visit my url.

    looking forward to hearing your responses! thank you in advance for your time and knowledge.
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  3. so one can not set the default landing directory to a domain without putting something in the root folder that points them to that path?

    so i'd probably just be better off installing the nopCom in the root directory huh?

    sure isn't something i want to do but i can't have people landing and then having to redirect.........

    on second thought - i can do a meta redirect - that's pretty fast, limited code and easy to incorporate. for others who may need to do this. create a basic html page with whatever imagery you'd like in it and add this to the header info:

    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=NEW PAGE URL" />

    hope this helps and thank you for your help.
  4. IIS can't serve up the content of subdir as a homepage without redirection, I wouldn't advise any application being installed in the root though

    Meta redirect works although it is better to use (301/302) redirection for long term.

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