non profit seeking right fit for hosting, need referrals

Discussion in 'Pre-sales questions' started by bonnie, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. We are seeking a new host provider and could use some referrals.
    our site is a legacy site (polite words for old) and we are re-building a new public site, but underneath we have an extranet built in classic asp.
    We need asp- .net plus MS SQL08
    We are a non profit web based initiative.

    We are having a horrible experience with our current provider who will not provide access to the IAS and our users are really concerns with the time out sessions. We have written to the CEO but he has responded once with we will look into this. We are ready to bail, but seeking a good solution.

    We would like a company that actually values our business. Would prefer 24-7 online tech help, but noticing a lot of companies claim this but when you call or go online no one is home. I am hoping for a better situation.

    Any suggestions? I would appreciate any referrals.

    thanks everyone.
    Bonnie bhilory at gmail dot com
  2. If by IAS you mean Internet Authentication Service, we aren't going to be able to offer that either. It is not part of Windows Server 2008, and that's what we are running.

    I assume you want to set up some kind of VPN to the server? Most shared hosts are going to shy away from that, there are too many security and performance issues.
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    I would suggest checking out a hosting review site for user reviews. This site ( audits the reviews themselves so you don't have hosts posting reviews for themselves or anything like that.
  4. User review sites generally skew toward bad reviews because people only seek them out when they have had a problem with a host.

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