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  1. Hello,

    I searched these forums for nodejs support and everything seemed to lean toward "not at this time" - although most threads were from 2012. Nodejs has matured since, and is gaining a lot of traction in today's javascript development scene. Wondering if Winhost is going to add this support in the future, because I prefer this host over all of the others I've used in the past! Thanks for reading,

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  2. I agree w/ kbalz in that i'd love to c support 4 new/popular technologies such as nodejs & nosql/mongodb etc even at an additional cost. thxs btw for the great job that u do - this must b the best value in hosting!
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    I'll definitely bring this up in our weekly meetings, but to be honest we haven't gotten a whole lot of requests for it. I highly encourage everyone to voice what they want on our forum. The more we hear from you on what you want the more likely we'll try to offer it. However, I'll still make sure your voice is heard in our meeting.
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