No images displayed on my site.!!!

Discussion in 'General troubleshooting' started by TovinoThomas, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Can anybody please help me with my site not display any images?

    When I go to the image directly ( I get the error message "The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred."

    Using the console (F12) I see error code 500 all my images and fonts.

    I can see the directory structure of my Content folder, but not for other folders or it's sub folders.
    I tried setting (Linux) permissions to the sub folders, without success.
    I also tried setting MIME for png and jpg in Web.Config.

    The site was previously hosted on Azure without any problems. I moved it to Winhost by publishing out of VS.

    Any help would be much appreciated
  2. Elshadriel

    Elshadriel Winhost Staff

    It looks like the site was cancelled or not renewed on April 8, 2018.
  3. my issue has been solved!!
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