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Discussion in 'Third-party applications' started by jsauve, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. I have a nopCommerce site running on my local IIS7 box that is almost ready for production. Do you offer dedicated SSL certs, and how much do they cost? It'd be great to be able test drive your control panel, but from the testimonials on your site, it sounds like it's pretty great. Do you have any other customers running nopCommerce-based sites on your platform? Anything that you can think of that I should be considering when deploying? As far as scheduled jobs go, I'm just using heartbeat pages that get hit by an external web-based cron service, like for updating exchange rates on an hourly basis, that kind of stuff. Thanks in advance for the response.
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    for the control panel, you can check out the demo. From our homepage look under the News on the upper right hand site, there's a link to the demo.
  3. Ah, gotcha. Clicked there before, but the announcements page was misleading. Looks pretty sweet. I'm a bit skittish about a shared hosting plan, but I can't justify a VPS or dedicated host yet. Your system looks real good. I think it'll be a good fit.
  4. It is real good! Have no fear!
  5. Yeah, your system is great, I really like it! Got my site up and running, lickety split!
  6. Cool. Glad you're happy with it.

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