New MySQL Database quota for Wordpress Installation

Discussion in 'Third-party applications' started by SunnyOz, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. I am trying to add a new MySQL Database to use with Wordpress. It is asking for the quota. (minimum suggested is 25MB). Since I don't know how large my Wordpress blog will be, I am clueless on what to put here. From your experience, what would an average blog site need for quota? (It is not intended to be something written to every day.. more of a company site information tool.)

    I was thinking of setting it to be 50MB. Does that sound reasonable? :confused:

    And as a follow-on question.. if I set it up for 50MB, and later find I need more space, is there any way to increase the quota once the MySQL Database has been created? (I am assuming that quota is the same word as 'size'?)

    And one more (un-releated) questions... what is the eMail address used for in the Wordpress installation.. If I am the webdesigner setting up the WP installation, do I use mine so that I can get eMail notifications during installation, or should I use my clients for ongoing blogging needs?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I have a WordPress blog with a couple of hundred posts in it and the database is only 7mb. 25mb should be plenty to get you started. You can always increase that quota later.

    If you are only setting up the blog you can use the client's email address. There isn't anything you have to verify by email as far as set up is concerned.

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