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    Using the ASP .NET Web Application Administrator for managed logins, roles and new users is new to me, and I have been struggling for the past two days trying to gain access to the Security tab.

    Prior to creating the necessary tables I attempted your Knowledge Base walking through "How to configure the ASP.NET Membership/Roles Provider" starting with step 1, but was unable to complete step two which was to run this command:

    aspnet_regsql.exe -S DBServerName -U DBLogin -P DBPassword -A all -d DBName.

    It basically told me that it could not access the SQL database.

    I believe the problem was that I needed to configure VWD web.config prior to running the command line above, but in your instructions this step is after the command line Step 2 procedure.

    <remove name="LocalSqlServer" />
    <add name="LocalSqlServer" connectionString="Data Source=DBServerName;Integrated Security=false;Initial Catalog=DBName;User ID=DBLogin;Password=DBPassword" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />

    By adding this code to the website config and running only aspnet_regsql.exe the necessary tables were created within my sites SQL database. I did verify through SQL Server Management that is connect to my Winhost DB.

    The problem is the necessary forms like Login.aspx, Register.aspx, and ChangePassword.aspx have no code within the code behind files wiring up the created SQL tables. These web forms where probably created during one of my many attempts to access the security tab on the Application Administrator site while trying to follow your article.

    So If I re-run the command again with the tables and forms already created will it be able to add the required .vb code to each form or should I delete the forms first?

    I'm really gun shy of deleting the tables and forms and start over after spending two days just to be able to create these tables!

    Any help is appreciated!
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  2. Ray


    No, the web pages/code behinds are not created when you run the ASP.Net Configuration Tool. That is something you have to do manually. What is the exact error message you are getting. Give us a full and exact error message. Do you have a URL we can look at?
  3. sbower1

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    I ran the command line again with success after substituting the dummy values for each attribute....:eek:

    I found a video that is very informative that goes into details on how to setup the login forms to interact with the .Net Application Administrator:


    I also figured out that the forms I assumed was created by the command line was in fact created when I started the project.

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
  4. Glad you worked it out.

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