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  1. OK, sorry to be that guy, but since 2.0 just dropped, and I happen to be on the verge of updating my site, I thought I'd ask for an ETA for support. Thanks!
  2. No ETA for framework support, but you should be able to run a self-contained .NET Core application.
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  3. Thanks Michael. Any pointers where I can read up on how to do this?
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  5. Thank you. I was looking through some of the other KB articles in this regard. Are there more granular instructions for getting this working on WinHost? I've created the publish folder with all my dependencies and code, but of course the default application runs on port 5000. I looked around online, too, mostly finding 1.1-specific articles that didn't really address shared hosting. Setting the .Urls("localhost:80") didn't seem to work. Any other pointers hosted by WinHost or affilates? Thanks!
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    What are you trying to do, David, so I can get a better idea? Because if you're just making a website, it defaults to port 80. If your application is running on port 5000, that tells me you're not developing a website but some kind of server/service. You should still be able to change the port somehow though. It won't work on 5000 or any other than the standard ports because they are not open on the firewall.
  7. I'm trying to set up an ASP.Net Core 2.0 site using the directions provided above. Perhaps I'm over-thinking things. Here's where I'm at:
    1. Uploaded the published-to-folder bits to a sub-directory let's call 'newbits' and
    2. Set it to be an application starting point.
    3. I then browsed to http://mysite.com/newbits expecting to see the site. Instead I see the following:

    HTTP Error 502.5 - Process Failure
    Common causes of this issue:
    • The application process failed to start
    • The application process started but then stopped
    • The application process started but failed to listen on the configured port
    Troubleshooting steps:
    • Check the system event log for error messages
    • Enable logging the application process’ stdout messages
    • Attach a debugger to the application process and inspect

    Which led me to think maybe I needed to modify my Program or Startup logic since by default, Kestrel runs on port 5000. I tried overriding the port to 80, but it still fails and I'm at a loss. Thanks!
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    You need to enable logging. 90% of the time that will tell you what the problem is. The other 10% will require you to open a support ticket so that we can look at other logs for you.
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  10. Do you plan to support framework-dependent deployments (FDD)? Given the very large difference in memory requirements, would it not be in your best interest to avoid having your customers put a lot of SCD deployments on your servers?
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    We do support framework dependent deployments on some servers and we plan to support it across all servers over time. You can try to test or you can open up a support ticket to find out if your server has a specific version you want to use.
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    Yes, we are working on support for FDD across all servers over time. Some servers already support that now. And you can reduce ASP.NET Core memory usage by following the instructions in this blog.
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  13. Is there any specific settings required for IIS through control panel and if not - how to set them in web.config (if possible).
    One example I see is usually asked to change IIS Pool to "No Managed Code" for .Net Core apps. However it is not an option for us to set in control panel (there are only 3.5 and 4.0).
  14. No, but framework-dependent Core isn't rolled out on all servers yet. If you log in to the support portal and open up a ticket they can check for you.
  15. Have just published ASP.NET Core 2.0 WebApi implementation (FDD). I have published Release version of the implementation and copied it to my Winhost site subfolder (also by creating new application starting point). Unfortunatelly, it fails when navigating to it (HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error). When invoking it locally, like http://localhost:5000/api/values, it runs OK.

    Not sure if/how I can convert it to SCD, while I have implemented it by using Visual Studio Community on Mac OSX. If the server, where my WebApi is published to, supports FDD (I have already issued a ticket to find it out), could it be that something is not correct with web.config, which sits on the root of WebApi application? Is there any special configuration needed?
  16. Dejan, the first thing to check, of course, is whether it's supported on your server. If not, we may be able to move you or find out when FD Core will come to your server.

    Other than that, you might want to check out this Knowledge Base article: Deploying a Visual Studio 2017 .NET Core Project to Winhost
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  17. It seems it works now, after my site has been migrated to Windows 2012/IIS 8 platform. Web API application is still packed as FDD.

    Thx for help and quick response!
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  18. I recently deployed my first MVC .Net Core 2.0 C# website to the upgraded Winhost Max plan. The memory utilization is below 300 mb. The home page is being redirected permanently from http to https within the startup.cs. All dependencies are minified. The home page has 4 banner gifs - largest one is . 300kb and smallest one is 144.3 kB. jquery-2.2.0.min.js is the largest file. Total page size is 1.4 MB. When tested on https://tools.pingdom.com , total load time is 664 ms with a B 82 performance grade from San Francisco. In spite of the above, the home page intermittently takes forever (20s) to load (not the first time) on Safari on iphone when accessed and re-accessed after an hour or two around South/North Carolina.Sometime it is instant(definitely from cache) . Any idea as to why?
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    Contact our support department and ask them to check the Event logs to see if your application pool is recycling.

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