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  1. Does this already work if I upload a compiled app?
  2. No. .NET 4.0 isn't even released yet. It's still a release candidate. We don't install beta or RC versions of software on production servers.
  3. Gotcha. Well, I guess I am just one of those thick skulled users who assumes RC means full steam ahead! :) Ah early adopter syndrome.
  4. The official release is RTW (release to web). It may still be a bit of time from the RTW version to when we actually install it. We still have to do testing of the RTW version when it is released. We'll upgrade as quickly as we can, but don't expect it to be available her the day the RTW version is released.
  5. .net 4.0

    How long after the release of VS2010 and .NET 4 will .NET 4 be installed in the hosting environment?


    John C.
  6. Ray


    Thats really hard to say, there's no way we can give a specific date and time. All we can say is that we'll have to thoroughly test it on our development box so that we are sure that existing web sites on the production server will not crash or result in a negative performance.
  7. So, now that it is RTM any estimates on time frame?
  8. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    no estimates. we need to get the framework and test it out thoroughly and get everyone here trained and up to speed before we can make it available.
  9. I too was wondering how long. I am running locally on the .net 4.0 framework on 2008 server with no problems.

    Will an email be sent out to users once it is available ?

  10. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    Yes, we will let everyone know when we support .net 4. I just can't say when yet.
  11. Any joy yet on .NET 4.0 for Winhost? :)

    I see the last post was 4/14/2010!

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  12. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    still testing and working on it.
  13. we are about a month from the release of the final bits of .net 4.0 framework, and nothing from Winhost on this matter, most other hosting providers already has offerings on this, why you didn't prepare with time previous to the launch of the final version, this for us developers is very complicated to dalay deplayments just becuase your lack of commitment with upgrading technologies.
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  14. Ray


    I wouldn't say lack of commitment, but more like scarcity of resources both hardware, labor, and time. Since we are a fairly new company, we wanted to focus on improving what ever service we have for our customers.
    But your point is taken and I can assure you that we are doing our best to push .Net 4.0 out as fast as possible.
  15. No worries here

    As the originator of this post, I think Winhost's answer is perfectly reasonable. Their hosting to-date has been rock-solid and I don't want that to change on account of a shot-gunned plan. ;)
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  16. I'm also very satisfied with the servicec of Winhost, but I think is a bit in late in this case. I understand to not install a beta or a prerelease, but the final version of Framework 4 is available since midle of february :(
  17. Actually the official final version of .Net 4 shipped in April. However, the version that was close enough to build/test the control panel stuff against has been available since at least February.

    While I am eager to be able to use the new features in .Net 4, I understand that not having the latest released features tends to be a draw back of using econo priced hosting.
  18. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    The final version of .NET 4 was released in mid April, not mid Feb. One month hasn't even passed yet.

    I'm sure there are many that are eager to use the new framework, but we are not one of those reckless hosts that just installs anything released on the server.

    Here, we test things out first, and in the case of .NET 4, we needed to build some new control panel tools, we need to write up knowledge base articles, and we need to train our people.

    I would think that our customers would like us to provide tools so that they don't need to constantly contact support to make changes manually and would like us to be able to answer questions about .NET 4 if they run into some issues.

    We are close - a matter of weeks, not months.
  19. I fully understand that, and I am not talking about rushing to put things available to customers, I am new to Winhost, so I am not used to how things are made here, I recommended this hosting to onw of my clients because of the offering and flexibility I observed (price too), but I consider that the different changes to the Control Panel started just as soon as the release was made, this is just what it seems, and as developer, when Microsoft releases pre-release software is for us to start thinking and working with it to be prepare, but I will be pushing back somethings on the development to be able to make a deploy, I hope the effords get well paid and all things at Winhost continue to work well.
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  20. I wouldn't call DiscountASP reckless for deploying 4.0 to their production servers within a day or so of RTM. They put in the legwork during the the beta and RC phases to get all of the pieces that you listed taken care of before the release. In fact I have more faith in DiscountsASP's roll-out then I will in yours because they had actual customers testing it with them since at least January.

    The RC was close enough to release that it could have been started back in February. And probably close enough for most of it to be worked on back in October with the go live license. I understand that you might not have had the resources to do this being a small, new, economy priced hosting company.
  21. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    I'm not saying that ALL hosts that jump on new stuff reckless, but I've seen my share of "reckless" hosts. I've seen some hosts that were putting the .NET 4 beta stuff on their production servers and selling hosting. We wouldn't do that.

    We are working on .NET 4 - it's one of our top priorties right now. We are just not going to roll it out until we are ready to support it.

    I've seen some other hosts just get around to making .NET 4 available and these are hosts that are like 20x larger than us and have 20x more staff than we do. With their resources, it took them 3 weeks. There are also many hosts way bigger than us that haven't even launched .NET 4 yet.

    Like I stated before - we are close - a matter of weeks, not months.
  22. Thank you ! The last sentence is the best news ! As i also said before I'm very contain with the Winhost services, also the support part, this is why I also recomanded to my clients.
  23. And it's here... cool.

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