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  1. I provide website development services and I have a number of smalltime clients and family members.

    Currently there are 13 domains if you count all the subdomains, or 8 if you don't.
    There are 3 Wordpress sites, and 5 (though 2 may go away) ASP.NET sites.

    I have SQL Server databases associated with each (ASP) site. I have 1 email address (do_not_reply) with some of the sites so they can send confirmation emails and newsletters.

    My existing host is going away, so I need to know if you handle this kind of hosting, and how I can get set up with a minimum of cost and hassle.

    Can you host all this mess for me? Can you just host the ASP stuff? Does this sound like a small business plan or a reseller plan?

    MOST IMPORTANT: Is there a phone number I can call when something goes offline? When my few clients are down, they hate waiting 72 hours for someone to respond to a support ticket.
  2. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    We can host all your sites. But please send us an email at and we can address all your questions. We can even migrate your sites over to us as well - at no cost to you. We are here to help.

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