Need to migrate from closing host.

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  1. I provide website development services and I have a number of smalltime clients and family members.

    Currently there are 13 domains if you count all the subdomains, or 8 if you don't.
    There are 3 Wordpress sites, and 5 (though 2 may go away) ASP.NET sites.

    I have SQL Server databases associated with each (ASP) site. I have 1 email address (do_not_reply) with some of the sites so they can send confirmation emails and newsletters.

    My existing host is going away, so I need to know if you handle this kind of hosting, and how I can get set up with a minimum of cost and hassle.

    Can you host all this mess for me? Can you just host the ASP stuff? Does this sound like a small business plan or a reseller plan?

    MOST IMPORTANT: Is there a phone number I can call when something goes offline? When my few clients are down, they hate waiting 72 hours for someone to respond to a support ticket.
  2. curtis

    curtis Winhost Staff

    We can host all your sites. But please send us an email at [email protected] and we can address all your questions. We can even migrate your sites over to us as well - at no cost to you. We are here to help.

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