Need help with 2 separate hosting for email and website

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  1. Hi, I need help here. I am not the one who created the web files but I am supposed to just transfer the file to another server. The support can't help me much as it mentioned that I have problem with the coding of my .asp files.

    Hosting Company A - hosting domain name
    Hosting Company B - hosting emails
    Hosting Company C - hosting website (due to .asp requirements)

    Domain name has been pointed to Hosting Company B.
    From Company B, the A records of the website has been updated to the IP address of Company C.

    However the website is not appearing right and I get a reply from Support:
    The 404 error you are getting on your site is probably due to the improper redirection / rewriting. When I am visiting your primary domain or alternative URL, I am directed to the following links:

    As you can see from the URLs above, they are incorrectly formed. Please review your site code and correct redirection / rewriting rules.

    I checked my indeax.asp and once I opened it in Dreamweaver, it opens up framemedia.asp file instead.

    I need help please. What should I do?
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