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Discussion in 'Databases' started by CharlieAR, May 10, 2012.

  1. I can't import my tables because they "belong" to an outdated user from a previous hosting account. The last host company made a .gz for me to download. It's way too big to upload but I was able to open it and export single tables using Workbench.

    Problems arise when I try to import the tables to the empty database the new hosting company created and has a different database name, user and password. I get the Error 1044 - Access denied for user 'newuser'@'%' to database 'olddatabase_name'

    So that old database name is somehow embedded with the import? How do I strip it out or change it so I get back in control? I have Workbench and phpMyAdmin working to do whatever is needed.
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  3. "The host is unreachable"

    When I try to connect, that's what I get. I use SSH Secure Shell and it works with another host's database on a weekly basis to do a mysqldump. ie first I get a shell command prompt and then I enter the mysql statements I need.
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  4. I'm afraid you can't make an ssh connection to the server here, we don't support it.
  5. OK, so should I ignore the previous instructions about using mysqldump to restore the database or is there another way to do this? I'm out of ideas now.

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