Nameserver must be hostname?

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  1. Hello,

    I have registered a domain with Winhost ( I signed up for hosting with Winhost. I required the ability to run a service in the backend so I changed to use a VPS. I cancelled my Winhost hosting solution and now I want to make my domain ( go directly to my system (

    When I attempt to update the nameserver information I get an error; it looks like I need a hostname rather then IP.

    I have registered & on the DNS server running on



    ... similiar for ns2...

    How do i get the domain registrar to forward that request to my nameserver?

    Or! will you restore my DNS entries so that I can create an A record for,

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  2. Additionally: I can not move my domain name away from Winhost because ICANN says I must wait 60 days
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  3. I'm afraid that unless the domain is associated with a site we can't provide full DNS service. Separate DNS service is something we're looking in to for the future, but at the moment it's not possible without that site association.

    Unfortunately, as you've seen, most registrars won't let you transfer a newly registered domain, so there aren't a lot of options in this situation, I'm afraid.
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