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  1. Hello,

    I created an additional account at Win Host. I went to my domain Registrant Website and changed NS to, &

    The domain is still active at my old host. with NS settings to that domain.

    Trace route still shows IP of old host. while whois shows NS correctly as, &

    Where at are nameservers listed? In domain management all I see is IP addresses but with no information where they point to.
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  2. Ray


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  3. Ray,

    It does seem to be a caching issue. I went to my old host and disabled the DNS record. I also manually changed the name servers to point to Win Host.
    That did not help at all.

    It had not changed anything. I know it take time for the names to propagate on www. My experience lately is that it took a matter of hours. This change appears to be taking longer.
  4. Ray


    Don't forget that your LAN can be caching it too. So try clearing your local cache on your own network.
  5. Hi Ray,

    Yes, I did clear the cache on my local system. The domain appears to be working now and pointed to Winhost. As of this morning, the message when typing in my website URL was, Your account has been set up. This site is under construction. When I saw that I installed a fresh copy of my default website, Zen Cart. Later I add my custom templates and code, drop the DB and upload the one for production.

    It installed without a hitch but would not start the program. I tried the back end for the admin login. It took me to the IIS FTP directory, not the admin login screen.

    I put in a ticket since I could not find any documentation at Winhost. The tech said I need to set the index.php to a start page using IIS. I hope this works. There is more than one index.php for the program.

    This is a new Max account to test a php website. It is mainly for development to see how Zen Cart performs with Winhost. I keep my my other ASP website at Winhost in an Ultimate account.

    Did you tell me (in past messages) that PHPmyAdmin was available at Winhost, or am I mistaken?
  6. phpMyAdmin is supported in our environment. You may want to take a look at the following forum post that one of our staff has posted on how to install phpMyAdmin.
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  7. Ray


    Are you still seeing "IIS FTP directory". This occurs when IIS doesn't have a or doesn't know what page to startup with. You have two options. One is to define the default startup page. The second option is to disable Directory Browsing in IIS. This will generate an error on the browser when no default startup page can't be found. All this can be done from inside the IIS 7 Manager.
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  8. Thanks Jimmy,

    Maybe you can help me with this ticket. The normal way to start Zencart is simply to install it in the root. Type in the URL and index.php is read.

    I added this to the default IIS at the top of the list. Now all I get is a blank page.

    To access Zen Cart Admin Login. Normally you type:

    (admin is the default this is actually must be renamed). Whin I type in that URL I get: No input file specified.


    You will need to log into our web server using IIS 7 Manager. Please refer to this kb article.

    Once you are connected, go to Default Documents and set index.php to be one of your startup pages. Additionally you can input any web pages to be one of the startup pages on this list.

    If you do not want the default Winhost page to show up, simply log into our server using FTP and on the root delete the file "Winhostdefault.htm".<<
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  9. Ray


    Do you have a working URL we can look at?
  10. No luck with IIS. I am not sure it recognizes a php file. Index.php is at the top of the list.
    /admin (folder) is second there is no index file to start the admin login page. > returns No Input File Specified > returns No Input File Specified.

    Zen Cart runs fine on windows servers so I know that is not the problem. The DB exists
    I can't see where the problem is. I Have installed Zen cart at least a dozen times in the past with no problems.

    The configuration asked for a physical path: I entered e:\web\username

    username is commonly httpdocs on other host servers. It did not error but may not be correct. I sent the config files with my ticket and asked for the physical path to be confirmed as correct. There was no mention that it was incorrect and did not error on install.

    Ray, I also disabled file browser in IIS.
  11. Ray


    Send me a private message with the exact URL and directions on how I can replicate it. I look at it from there.
  12. Ray,

    Private message was sent to "ray" I hope you got it OK.

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