My website shows error "Object Reference".. but it shows no error in my localhost

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  1. Hi Moderator and Support, I need to ask, my website shows error "Object Reference" but it works in my localhost computer..
    I've research and they said we could connect to iis manager and reset.
    I have deployed many times and may be the iis still in old deploy.
    How can i connect to my iis hosting via iis manager? My account : 0025030, site : Please urgently needed support please?
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  3. I could connect to IIS, can I know how to reset the IIS in my hosting? Maybe the option for resetting the last deploy or remove all and deploy new one? Still the same "Object Reference Error". Please somebody help me..
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    You can remove the files and directory's using an FTP program like FileZilla. FileZilla can be downloaded here:

    To learn how to connect to your site using FileZilla please read our knowledge base article here:

    Once connected you will be able to download your site files as backups just in case. Then delete them off the web server to reset your hosting account to its default state. Then you can try to redeploy your site.

    You might also want to read our blog post article on How to Reset Your Hosting Space

    For the error you're getting try reading the web page article here for clues to help you resolve your problem.
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    That error is a difficult one to troubleshoot because technically it means your code can't instantiate an object, however, we've noticed that it could also be generated when your application tries to pull data from a database. It's probably because there is a mismatch in the data types (programming language vs. SQL), or you are referencing a NULL value. I would check there also and that your database connection string is correct.
  6. But it's ok in my localhost iis 7 , i see that i have windows 2012 server in hosting. I build with visual studio 2010 with .net 4.0 Is it a trouble? I could login in admin but the front page could not be loaded. please reply soon. thanks
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    When you say it works on your localhost. Do you have the web application connected to the SQL database hosted on our end? Or do you have a SQL database hosted on your local computer and the web application is connected to it?

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