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    I have already registered one domain in another service provider. But I wish to get hosting service from Winhost in Basic plan. I also wanted to register another domain with Winhost.

    Can you please let me know how many website domains I can host with a single Winhost Basic Plan. I may go for hosting another one website also with the same plan.

    Many Thanks,
    Thirumalai M
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    We do not restrict the number of websites you want to host on a single plan, but bear in mind that each plan only has one application pool. Which means if one site crashes the others may also crash. Also the other sites may not have all the features available on a single plan such as its own email account, web space, and FTP login. Furthermore if you want each sites to be pulled up with its own domain name you will need to enable the domain pointer feature and create a redirect script so those additional domain names you add to your account will be redirected to the correct web page. If some of these websites are important to your business function, you may want to consider registering them as their own site account.
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    Can you give a more detailed example of how this might work? Is the redirection taking place via an HTTP redirect or is IIS handling all internally. I also would like to host multiple sites but I do not want to have my user see a redirect after typing in the URL for one of my sites. Thanks!
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    If the sites are not that intensive or if they are not a major part of your business where it will cost you financial burden if it starts to fail, then this approach is the most affordable way to do it. But if it is a big part of your business, then I suggest investing the money into registering it as it's own site account.
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    what is the possibility of changing this?

    You are the closest host provider to being IT! except for this limitation :(
    I have been contacted by your Twitter account when I was looking for a new hosting provider, I'd really like to join your service but not with this limitation, so what is the possibility of removing it?
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    Multiple domains, but only one web site

    Bummer, that is likely a deal breaker for many people. Being able to host multiple websites on one hosting plan is usually the point. If you end up paying for 3 separate site plans, you might as well get a virtual server somewhere else.
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    You have two choices and you have to weigh the pros and cons.

    You have the option of hosting multiple websits within one site using the domain pointer and coding for redirecting the domain pointer to subfolders. But all the sites are in one shared app pool

    You also have the option of having all your sites in separate app pools by signing them each up as its own basic/max/ultimate site.
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    do I have to edit all the base path's from relative paths?


    By using the subdomin/url rewite method, do all the relative paths have to be edited/fixed in 3rd party install packages like DNN ( kentico / Joomla / Drupal /Magento or whatever).

    So, to make a DNN site (e.g. ) that resides in wwwroot/subfolders/DNN/, would I need to unpack edit the base path.. to an absolute path, then recompile, package and upload this...?

    Or, is there an easier way to change the base path path - this could become a very challenging task for these packages there could be thousands of links!

    possible customer
  10. Redirection script is too bad

    Using IIS feature that points a domain to an application is much better because it's transparent to applications.
    Unfortunately I have to cancel my plan just some minutes after purchasing.
    If you decide to implement that simple feature then feel free to contact me.
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    Please let me know does described web.config redirection works for images, php files, css and other non .aspx files?
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    Disappointed that additional domains are essentially sub-folders of the primary account. Winhost was in my short list that had been narrowed down to four. Although there are ways to mimic truly separate domains and it's not an issue with some customers, it's a deal breaker for me.
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    I would like to see this before I join thanks.

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