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  1. I plan to host an application for my clients.. each client has multiple users. The way I plan to do it is > Each client will be a subdomain and all application files will be in the subdomain connected to a database for this client only. So the setup would be.. Client1 >> Database1 + subdomain1, Client2 >> Database2 + subdomain2 and so on. clients will use "" as their main url to access the application.
    Question is.. Is it possible with winhost?
    Will it be considered one application or multiple application?
    Will there be any performance / speed related issues?

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    Please see this Knowledge Base article. It will be one site with multiple applications, and yes, you might run into performance / speed related issues since all the applications will be sharing the same application pool and memory. If you find this to be a problem, you can host each sub-domain/application separately by ordering a new site. By doing so, you will also avoid dealing redirect code.
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